Valentine’s gifts for your tech-savvy dog

Check out these cool Valentine's gifts for your four-legged friend.

23 Feb 2016 By Josh Thomas Comments

No die-hard dog lover would forget its trusty canine pal come Valentine's Day and what better a gift than a cool gadget. P.s. If you've left it a little too late to buy a gift in time for Valentine's, it's okay...dogs don't know what day of the week it is, let alone what date!

  1. Nite Ize Meteorlight Ball

Anytime is a good time for a game of fetch to a dog but when the sun goes down, finding a ball or chew toy can be a real task for both man and dog. Enter Nite Ize; the light-up ball successfully makes nighttime no barrier to a quick game of fetch. If you work all day or your dog simply has an unquenchable thirst for fetch, these balls are available for around $15-20.

  1. Dyson Groom

A big brush can create an even bigger mess when it comes to grooming your dog. Thankfully Dyson has the answer with a small vacuum built into a brush to automatically suck up any loose hair. Sitting at about $90 the Dyson Groom is an expensive dog brush, but think of all the time you’ll save not having to pluck dog hair from every nook and cranny.

  1. Petrek GPS Pet Tracker

We live in a world of constant surveillance and now you can constantly monitor the whereabouts of your best friend via a dog collar with GPS capabilities, AKA Petrek GPS Pet Tracker. Linking to your smartphone, this collar does a lot more than just tell people your dog's name. It gives you the ability to track your dog's location on your mobile. No more lost dog signs necessary it would seem and at $90, can you really put a price of peace of mind?

  1. Petnet

Take the chaos out of feeding time by getting yourself an automatic feeder like Petnet. These 'smartfeeders' not only allow you to feed your dog while you’re away through your smartphone; it also allows you to create set feeding times and control portion sizes without those desperate puppy eyes convincing you to give them a bit more. $200 may seem a bit pricy but it gives you one less chore to do and should stop your dog treating you like a 24/7 food vendor.

  1. Cooling Bed

Us humans often forget how furry our doggy friends are and when summer comes around, it's important that we keep them as cool as possible. With a layer of fur adding a degree or two to their body temperature, water and a trim will only do so much to keep your dog's temperature at a safe, comfortable level. So why not invest in a Cool Bed that runs on water to extract the heat out of the air creating a chilled mat for your dog to literally chill on. Made out of a combination of fabrics the Cool Bed can stop your dog over-heating while keeping them comfortable for around $75.

  1. Fitbark

Fitbits have taken the human world by storm and Fitbark is the start of dog-based fitness trackers. These small devices clip onto dog collars monitoring how much exercise and sleep your dog gets so you can keep your dog fit and healthy. It’s the perfect device to explain why your dog keeps barking and an ideal way to motivate you to give your dog those daily walks. Prices start from $54.95, with a wide variety of cool colours available like Rockstar Gray or Passionate Lover Red.

  1. Sporn Double Dog Leash

Technically it's not a tech gift but it is Valentine's and this awesome double dog leash means you can take your pooch and its loved one for a romantic stroll in the park. Too cute! Walking two dogs at once used to create knots a scout master would be proud of. Not anymore; these ingenious double dog leashes take the tangle and stress out of walking two dogs at once. Genius! With a swivel point, no-tangle design plus a padded handle you can walk your dogs in comfort with the Sporn Double Dog Leash retailing for $35. Who says romance is dead?

23 Feb 2016 By Josh Thomas Comments

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