10 reasons you absolutely need a dog in your life

There’s an old saying that dog is man’s best friend. Turns out it’s not just an old mutt-lover’s opinion, it’s scientifically proven. Here are some of the most amazing reasons that prove why these furry friends are the best.

17 Mar 2017 By Zookie Comments

1. Dogs empathise with human pain

A study at Goldsmith’s College found that a dog is more likely to approach a person who is crying or upset because they wish to comfort them.

2. Dogs can detect cancer

Dogs can have between 70% to 99% accuracy in detecting cancer due to their highly developed sense of smell.

3. Dogs keep you fit

Having a dog is proven to promote exercise and help owners stay active by taking their dog on walks.

4. Dogs help keep babies healthy

Researchers have found a direct link between healthy babies and dogs. Babies that are around dogs are less likely to suffer from a runny nose, ear infection or cold because the dirt in a dog’s coat boosts their immune system.

5. Dogs help veterans overcome PTSD

Through companionship dogs have been found to help veterans open up emotionally and improve their social lives.

6. Dogs help prevent eczema

Children under one year of age are less likely to develop eczema if they live with a dog.

7. Dogs reduce the risk of heart problems

Through helping their owners deal with stress and the regular exercise of walking a dog, the Heart Association has discovered that dog owners are less likely to suffer heart disease.

8. Dogs help those who suffer depression

The unconditional love of a dog has been known to help manage depression. Whether it’s chronic or day-to-day depression it’s always nice to have someone happy to see you.

9. Dogs aid children with autism

Aside from being a fantastic and loyal friend, dogs have also been known to lower the amount of stress-hormones in children, especially autistic children who can find daily life stressful.

10. Dogs improve the lives of people with dementia

Dogs can keep those with dementia on schedule and provide endless support and comfort by always being their for their owners.

17 Mar 2017 By Zookie Comments

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