Things to consider when choosing a cat breed

While there are 400 breeds of dogs, there are only 40 cat breeds to choose from. The main reason why there are fewer cats is that felines are generally bred for companionship and cuddles, not for working purposes like many dogs have been in the past. Still, choosing a breed of cat is no easy feat...

26 Dec 2023 By Andrew Clarke Comments

Cats are pretty independent and known for being a more low-maintenance pet. So if you’re worrying about finding the time to walk your pet every day then cats are a great option.

It’s important to remember, however, that each breed of cat is different. You will need to carefully assess your lifestyle and living situation before deciding on the right one.

Long-haired cats

Long-haired cats, as their name suggests, have longer hair on their bodies. Bet you didn’t see that one coming.

 Popular long-haired breeds include the Persian, the Himalayan, the Maine Coon, the Javanese, and the Ragamuffin.

To prevent your cat’s fur from matting you will need to brush it regularly. This will also help to control shedding. In the case of matting and tangling, not all cats will enjoy the feeling of their fur being tugged at, so you might need to take your feline friend to a professional groomer for a trim (or, in extreme cases, shaving).

Short-haired cats

Unlike their long-haired friends, cats with shorter hair do not need regular brushing or fur maintenance.

Popular short-haired breeds include the Russian Blue, the Siamese, the Abyssinian, and the Bombay.

Inbetweener cats (or semi long-haired cats)

There are some cats breeds that fall between the long-haired and the short-haired breeds. These are known as semi long-haired cats (yes, we know the names aren’t very inventive).

 If you are looking for cats with no hair at all, then there are a few hairless breeds such as the Sphinx cat.


Cat breeds also have their distinct personalities. There are cats that are very mellow and affectionate, and will tolerate all types of handling (including being dressed in cute costumes). Mellow and affectionate cat breeds are great for children or older people who want a constant feline companion.

However, there are also cats that show intense dislike for handling or petting. These cats often bristle at being suddenly picked up or petted, and will only tolerate displays of affection when they initiate it or are in the mood.

Some cat breeds are also known for always napping and lolling around, others are more active and will run around the house or backyard at any given chance.

Purebred cats

Purebred cats may seem very attractive physically, however it’s important to be aware of the medical conditions that are associated with certain breeds of purebred cats.

Purebred cats are known for having slightly more predictable behaviours. Persian cats are popular not only for their long luxurious coats, but also for their laid-back (and slightly lazy) temperaments. Siamese cats, meanwhile, are known for their “talkative” nature.

All in all, a cat makes a great pet, particularly if you take the care to choose a breed that matches your daily lifestyle and conditions.

26 Dec 2023 By Andrew Clarke Comments

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