6 cat toys that won’t break the bank

Check out these cool cat toys that cost practically nada!

24 Jul 2017 By Lizzie McClenaghan Comments

Playtime is important in the development of a cat’s natural hunting skills, and also in helping them to exercise, particularly for indoor cats that are prone to becoming lazy and overweight.

However, if you’ve ever owned a cat, then you know their minds work in mysterious ways. I’ve bought heaps of toys for my cat but there’s never been one that’s stood out; a toy that they’ve preferred to play with above all others. They might play with it for five seconds, but will move onto something else pretty quickly.

So why spend $15 on a wand with a mouse dangling off the end of it when your cat isn’t going to play with it anyway?

Instead, we’ve come up with six cat toys that won’t break the bank, and that you probably already have lying around the house.

1) A ribbon or a shoelace

Any type of string or ribbon will suffice, as long as it’s long. Cats love to hunt and chase things, and I guarantee you they will love to hunt and chase the ‘snake’ you dangle before them. Be careful that the string or shoelace is not so flimsy that your cat can swallow and choke on it.

2) A bottle cap

Bottle lids, and those little plastic caps that come on certain water bottles, are better than catnip-filled balls any day. They’re slippery little things, easy to knock around, difficult to apprehend; one of my cats used to chase these things all around the house, until she’d ultimately knock them under the fridge and lose them forever.

3) A tennis ball

Ever seen a cat play with a ball of yarn?? Me neither, but a tennis ball provides the same entertainment, and lasts longer too.

4) A hair elastic

Elusive, chewy, and fun to hunt. I’ve often found my cat swatting around one of my elastics on the linoleum floor, without knowing how she came to be in possession of it. Stick to larger hair elastics without metal bits on them, again so your cat can’t swallow them and risk choking.

5) A cardboard box

This one’s a no-brainer. Why waste hundreds of dollars on an expensive piece of climbing equipment, when your cat would rather play with the box it came in??? A box can also double as a bed!

6) A paper ball

There’s nothing our furry friends love better than to chase a crumpled ball of paper. Some kitties love to play fetch—she might even bring it back to you!


24 Jul 2017 By Lizzie McClenaghan Comments

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