The benefits of office pets

Whether you're a boss or an employee, it might be adding 'Office pet' to the next meeting agenda...

12 Feb 2018 By Eleanor Comments

It’s 9am—you walk into the office to begin another routine day; the resident Beagle bounds towards you… Wait, what?!

It might not be happening at your workplace, but it’s definitely happening as scientific studies conclude that having a pet in the office is better for productivity and employee morale.

Take Ibex Outdoor Clothing for instance. Ibex is one of the 20% of American companies who allow pets in the workplace. These pet-friendly policies have been an important part of the company’s culture since 1997. The head office caters for 50 employers and sees at least 15 dogs roam the halls each work day.

One of the benefits of office pets is it improves the relationships between human co-workers. You know Jill in Accounts? No, you probably don’t know Jill in Accounts because you’ve never spoken to her. But when Jill brings in her adorable Ragdoll kitten, you have no choice but to strike up a conversation in order to coo and cuddle her fluffy feline. A study conducted by the Central Michigan University revealed pets in the workplace leads to greater collaboration and trust between co-workers as it increased interaction and communication.

Having a dog in the office gives employees greater opportunity to take a break by excusing themselves to take the dog on a walk. This may sound like you’re avoiding finishing those reports due on Monday, but really it’s an excellent way to decrease blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Going for a walk has also been proven to boost creativity by up to 60% in comparison to sitting.

A 2012 study at the Virginia Commonwealth University found concluding proof that dogs lower stress levels. Simply petting a dog lowers the levels of cortisol in the human body. Cortisol is the hormone released when the body is stressed. Imagine how wonderful it would be to walk out of a disappointing meeting and bump into a Labrador looking for a treat. Those who interact with dogs during their workday experience an 11% decline in stress levels while those who don’t have that pawesome luxury will see a 70% increase in stress levels by the end of the day.

Pet-friendly offices are a fantastic way to boost morale, lower stress levels and increase productivity. Maybe it’s time to chat to the big boss and pitch the idea of an office pet. I’m sure Jill from Accounts will be thrilled.


Do you take your pet to work? We'd love to hear your office pet tales.


12 Feb 2018 By Eleanor Comments

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