10 things to prepare before getting a cat

Before you walk out of the pet store with a brand new furry feline, you need to make sure that your home is well equipped for its new resident. There are at least ten things that you should have prepared before bringing your new cat home.

28 Jan 2015 By Eleanor Comments

1. Litter box – even if your kitty may learn to go to the bathroom outside, it’s important to have a litter box lined with fresh cat litter and scoop ready for your cat when it first arrives home.

2. Food – if possible it’s great to use the same brand that’s used by the pet shelter or breeder to help promote a sense of familiarity for your cat.


3. Bowls – you must have something to put that food in! Your cat will also need a water bowl as well.

4. Scratching post – the ideal scratching post is at least 3 feet high to ensure your cat can extend themselves to the fullest. This means your new feline friend will be less likely to claw the furniture.


5. A bed – this should be a safe place for your cat, complete with a warm blanket or soft towel.

6. Grooming tools – nail clippers and brushes are a great way to make sure your cat is clean and healthy.


7. Toys – these will provide stimulation for your cat and help them feel more comfortable in the new place.

8. A sturdy cat carrier – this will be important for transporting your cat from the adoption agency or pet store to your home.


9. Collar – even if you want to have an identification tag engraved with your pet’s name at a later date, it is important to at least have a collar ready for your cat. This way they will be recognised as having a loving family rather than being a stray.

10. Cat-proof a room – in the first few days of having a cat, they will need to be kept in a single room to help them adjust. It’s important to choose this room beforehand and look out for any holes or crevices that a cat could slither into and escape.


Once you’ve completed all of these things, you will be ready for a comfortable start with your new pet.


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28 Jan 2015 By Eleanor Comments

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