10 things to do before getting a dog

Before you pick up your new dog and drive into the sunset to start your new life together, there’s a couple of things you must do first…

21 Dec 2023 By Eleanor Comments

1. Borrow a dog – this may sound like a strange first request but it will provide invaluable information on what to expect for first-time dog owners. We recommend that you borrow a friend or family member’s dog for a week to establish a routine and begin training yourself to become a positive dog owner.


2. A dog-proof house – before bringing a dog home it’s important to cast your eyes around and make sure that your home is prepared for a new furry resident. This could mean adding fences, checking your garden for poisonous plants, removing dangerous objects, or being mindful of openings or holes which a dog could fall through or escape.

3. Food – if possible, it’s great to use the same brand that’s used by the pet shelter or breeder to avoid any sudden changes in diet that could result in an unfortunate case of diarrhea.


4. Bowls – you’ve got to have something to put the food in! Your dog will also need a water bowl.

5. Collar and lead – this will be vital in helping you transport your dog from the pet shelter to your home. Even if you’re hoping to have an identification tag engraved with your pet’s name at a later date, it is important to at least have a collar ready for your dog. This way they will be recognised as having a loving family rather than being a stray.


6. Stair gates – an inquisitive puppy or curious dog can run rampant in your house, so it’s important to set up boundaries early and establish which areas are off limits.

7. Something to chew on – if you are getting a puppy this is especially important to help avoid shoes ending up as victims of a teething puppy. Having something to chew on will also help older dogs feel less nervous in their new environment.


8. Grooming brush – the best brush to use will differ depending on the length of your dog’s coat. This is a fantastic way to ensure you are prepared for your daily grooming session.

9. Toys and treats – these will help your dog feel more at home in their new environment and also provide stimulation.


10. Bed – it’s important to set up a bed or kennel that will be a safe place for your dog to call it’s own. Cushions, blankets or soft towels are great to use.

In order to make your home the best place for a dog and ensure a happy start together, all ten of these points should be completed. It is not only fantastic for the dog’s wellbeing, but will make the transition to dog-owner a lot easier.


Got a tip on becoming a dog owner? We’d love you to share (use the comments box below).

21 Dec 2023 By Eleanor Comments

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