Reasons to get insurance for your pet

Pet insurance ensures your beloved pet has the best care, while giving you peace of mind.

21 Jan 2020 By Andrew Clarke Comments

Pet insurance is fast becoming an essential element of pet care. We all love our pets and want to make sure that they are safe but no pet parent wants to fork out on unexpected vet bills. Australians spend millions of dollars on their pets every year, with just a little piece of this amount going towards pet insurance. Have you considered insurance for your cat or dog?

Reasons why pet insurance is the right thing for you and your furry companion:

You cannot afford expensive veterinary procedures. While the routine check-up and minor procedure might not break the bank, many pet owners find themselves in a financial dilemma when their beloved pets suddenly fall ill. Getting pet insurance ensures that you and your pet have all your bases covered.

Pet insurance is not very expensive. In comparison to the thousands of dollars needed to treat your cat or dog for common yet fatal diseases, pet insurance only costs $20 to $50 every month. Discussing lifestyle factors with your insurance agent will help determine what pet insurance is right for you and your fur baby.

Your pet might be leading a “risky” lifestyle. This doesn’t mean that your pet is an adrenaline junkie that goes skateboarding every other weekend. Outdoor cats and dogs are exposed to more risks than pets that stay indoors, it’s just a fact of life. If your pet usually roams outside, getting pet insurance will lessen your worry over its safety and potentially huge vet bills.

Consider your “investment.” When you buy a pet or adopt an animal you are making an emotional investment. Many legal breeders make sure that their pets are covered by insurance, because the revenue from each litter is significant. However, if you want to ensure your friend has a long and healthy life then pet insurance is also a great idea.

If you can afford it, get your pet an insurance policy. They say that peace of mind is priceless. If you can afford to buy a policy for your pet, then it makes sense to do so. You can make monthly payments that will cover your beloved pet in the event of an accident or illness, keeping them safe in case of sudden tragedy.

Peace of mind — check!

Do you have pet insurance? Have you had a situation where you were glad of it?

21 Jan 2020 By Andrew Clarke Comments

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