Celebrating your cat’s birthday

Pull out all the stops to make sure your cat’s special day is just purrfect!

21 May 2016 By Zahra Gaitskell Comments

Birthdays are wonderful occasions, filled with cake and laughter and presents, so why would a valued member of your family miss out on the celebrations when their birthday rolls around?  No I'm not talking about that time you forgot your little brother’s birthday (oops!), I’m talking about your faithful feline companion!

Cats don't like chocolate cake you say? That's okay I'm going to help you celebrate your cat’s birthday in style!


Party food

Birthdays are about eating lots of yummy things and there's no reason your kitty cat should miss out. If your cat has any favourite treats or foods use them to make a single serve cake for your pet! Our cat is particularly enamoured with treats with a crispy shell and liquid centre, so we try to incorporate this in our cake design. Cats are creatures of variety and giving them some options will make them feel very special! If you don't want to make something yourself, there's a number of pet-friendly bakeries that will be happy to do it for you.

Birthday vibe

Tailor your birthday celebrations to your cat’s personality. If your cat is a loner all you may need is their favourite things in their favourite room, and lots of cuddles, no party necessary. However if your cat is social their ideal birthday may include cats and humans they're friendly with, as well as any other pets you own that they get along with. Be sure to include lots of hide-y holes, soft furnishings and toys to keep them occupied. Decorate with cat themed party supplies, streamers and 'Happy Birthday' signage; your cat may not be able to read but you'll enjoy it.

Party games

Plan some party games to keep your cat and guests occupied. Games could include finding treats, racing and pouncing, or any other things your kitty enjoys! Be sure to have a prize for the victor! Games for human guests could include cat-friendly modifications to traditional party games, like pin the tail on the cat, or make your own cat mask!


It's not really a celebration without presents! Pick up something special to mark the occasion. Depending how playful your cat is, and how much they like playing with paper in particular, choose to wrap your gift or not. If your cat enjoys catnip this could be a perfect gift and something to help make their birthday even more enjoyable. 

Fancy dress

If your cat is open to playing dress ups, make them look super smart for their big day. If your cat isn't keen on a three-piece suit (buttons are fun for chewing but can be rather uncomfortable) attach a bow tie or some ribbons to their collar for some party glam. You can join in the fun by matching your own attire to your cat’s, or by wearing a cat-themed outfit.

Last but not least take photos and videos to remember your furry friend’s special day!


How have you celebrated your cat’s big day?

21 May 2016 By Zahra Gaitskell Comments

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