Best pet-friendly holidays

It can be hard to leave your fur children at home when you're on holidays, so we've put together a list of dog and cat-friendly holidays—which means you'll never need to leave them behind again!

11 Jan 2017 By Zahra Gaitskell Comments


Sometimes the best holiday doesn't involve a change in geographical location, no plane trips or sitting in the car for hours with an energetic animal. We’re talking about a ‘stay-cation’. Staying at home doesn't mean that you can't have fun and it's important to do something different to the norm. A change is as good as a holiday after all! Make it a holiday for yourself and your dog by scheduling an extra walk a day and some special treats and games or spend some extra cuddle time and play time with your cute-as-a-button kitty! Something like a good grooming is a joy for both pet and owner and something you'll have lots of extra time for on a stay-cation!


Lovers of the outdoors and their canine companions will find camping to be an excellent holiday option! Pack up the car and get on the road to your favourite camping spot, near or far, and settle in for a holiday you and your dog will love! There's nothing better then waking up to the beauty of nature and we're sure your pup will agree, being able to stick their head out of the window on the way there is just a bonus!


The holiday that follows you wherever you want to go! A caravan is great because you take your accommodation with you and therefore have the freedom to take your pets without worrying about extra fees or hotels just saying no! Even better, you and your feline or canine companion can visit somewhere new every day, your holiday can truly take you anywhere. Unfortunately you won't get a daily turn down service or mints on your pillow, but you do have the freedom to do whatever you like!

The beach

As I'm sure many others do, I have fond memories of beachside holidays growing up. We'd stay in chalets, camp, or rent a house but really when it was lights out you would find us at beach! We'd fish and laze, snorkel and swim and always by our side was our faithful canine companion. He'd get his toes in the water but for the most part was content to dig and kick up a fuss in the sand. It's safe to say a beach holiday was a real treat for all of us!

House swap

Have a friend with pets who also wants a change? Why not swap houses and take your pets with you! It's great to have a place to go to that understands the realities of having pets, whether a cat or dog and it means both of you get a holiday. Depending on your network you can travel near or far and be a tourist while living in a place that feels like home!

Pet-friendly hotels and holiday rentals

Though harder to come by, hotels do exist that take you and your furry friends and the same goes for holiday homes and short stay rentals. Sometimes they'll advertise that they are happy to take pets, and other times it doesn't hurt to ask! You're more likely to have luck with a dog or cat that you can prove is well-behaved or with establishments that you've visited before. Sometimes you will be asked to pay an extra cleaning fee or a bond but this can be worth it to take the hassle out of your holiday!

What pet-friendly places have you taken your animal?

11 Jan 2017 By Zahra Gaitskell Comments

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