Swedish Vallhund

The Swedish Vallhund is fox-like in its appearance, a long muzzle aligns with pricked, finely haired ears. The face has a masked colouring, lighter hairs around the eyes, nose and throat. The Swedish Vallhund is a squat but powerful animal with a long and muscular neck, powerful legs and a harsh coat of a medium length.

Country of Origin

Coat colours come in greys and grey browns as well as red toned browns and yellows.

Height / Weight
Height 33 - 35cms at the withers; weight 12 - 16kgs, bitches height is 31 - 33 cms from the withers; weight 11 - 14kgs.
Life Span

12 - 14 years

While an intelligent canine, the Swedish Vallhund is also easily bored and will need short and frequent training sessions to keep them interested. Their intelligence and natural athleticism make them great at competitions like fly-ball and agility.
Suitability (Children)

Swedish Vallhund's don't eat a huge amount of food, especially given the amount of exercise they do.

Feeding Cost
$10-$15 p/w
Other Cost
The Swedish Vallhund needs a daily run to keep them happy. They are natural athletes and love to run free.
Hair Shed
The Swedish Vallhund will need regular grooming for their double coat. Luckily it is easy to groom, a brush with a firm bristled brush and a bath each month will be sufficient. Grooming will be important to remove the natural oils in the weather resistant outer coat and to keep your canine friend looking their very best!
Grooming Frequency
Once a week
The Swedish Vallhund is believed to have been transported by the Vikings to Britain and has close ties to the Pembroe Corgi. The name 'Valhund' means herding dog, just one of the many skills of the Swedish Vallhund who has historically worked as a cattle drover, vermin catcher and even watchdog and companion.

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