The Tibetan Spaniel looks a Pekingese and the two are often mistaken for each other. However you will notice that the Tibetan Spaniel actually has a longer face and coat. They're a little dog with a lot of heart, their deep brown eyes sit wide on their face and their floppy ears frame their face. The coat of the Tibetan Spaniel is soft and silky with a slight mane and feathering through the chest and down the legs.

Country of Origin

Comes in a variety of colours in solid or multiple shades of fawn, red, gold, cream, white, or black.

Height / Weight
Dogs and bitches measure 21 - 26cms and weigh apx 4.1 - 6.8kgs.
The Tibetan Spaniel can be prone to respiratory problems and heat stroke.
Life Span

12 - 15 years

The Tibetan Spaniel can be hard to train if allowed to develop small dog syndrome! Be consistent and firm but still loving and you will have a well-trained pup!
Suitability (Children)

The Tibetan Spaniel doesn't tend to be a fussy eater but may overeat, watch them so they do not become overweight or obese!

Feeding Cost
$5-$10 p/w
Other Cost
Though a small dog, this pup likes to have a daily walk and some time to run free each day.
Hair Shed
The Tibetan Spaniel can be prone to respiratory problems and heat stroke.
A regular combing or bushing of the double coat should help maintain it.
Grooming Frequency
Twice a week
The Tibetan Spaniel unsurprisingly has its roots in Tibet and is thought to be related to the Pekingese, the Pug and the Japanese Spaniel. It's no wonder they have a regal bering as this dog was so highly regarded they were given as gifts, especially to royalty. In this way they spread all over Asia. The Tibetan Spaniel was smart and brave, working the prayer wheel and barking at those who did not belong in their temple. In the late 1800s they made their way to Britain and from there across the world!

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