Spaniel–Irish Water

The Irish Water Spaniel is the largest of the spaniels (partly due to its solid curly coat). Long curls cover their whole body with the exception of the face and tail which has short hair. Their curly outer coat is lined with a dense undercoat that acts as insulation even in the coldest water and weather. Everything about them is designed for water sports. The top-knot of curls on their head hangs down to cover and protect the eyes for splashing. Their deep chest is narrow to help them swim or wade through water and they even have webbed feet!

Country of Origin

This is a one colour pup. The only coat colour of the Irish Water Spaniel is dark liver.

Height / Weight
Height: 53 - 58cms at the withers; weigh 25 - 30kgs, bitches average 51 - 56cms from the withers; weigh 20 - 25kgs.
Irish Water Spaniels can be prone to ear infections, hypo-thyroidism and eye entropion.
Life Span

10 -12 years

Irish Water Spaniels have active minds and can be quick learners if they receive regular and consist training. You will need to provide constant mental and physical exercise to avoid them becoming destructive (because let's face it, nobody wants that).
Suitability (Children)

When you think about how much exercise these guys get through, you might be surprised by how mediocre their appetites are. They will need 1.5 to 2.5 cups of dry food a day, divided into two meals.

Feeding Cost
$15-$20 p/w
Other Cost
After the normal costs for caring for you puppy, remember that there will be the occasional requirement from trimming.
They have with tremendous stamina and will need daily exercise, such as a jog or run. Given their sporting dog nature they will also adore swimming and playing fetch.
Hair Shed
Irish Water Spaniels can be prone to ear infections, hypo-thyroidism and eye entropion.
Here's something you probably weren't expecting to see in the Dog Grooming section... Try to brush your Irish Water Spaniel as LITTLE as possible. Brushing them makes their coats frizzy and unmanageable. When you do brush your spaniel wet their coat afterwards so it will return to its natural curls. When the coat become too long simply trim it with scissors or take them to a professional groomer if you're feeling nervous.
Grooming Frequency
Once a week
There are several theories about the origin of the Irish Water Spaniel, the most common of which is that the Irish Water Spaniel descended from the Poodle and Irish Setter. Others believe that they were developed by crossing Poodles and Curly Coated Retrievers. The Irish Water Spaniel gained popularity in early England and Ireland for its ability to retrieve from even the most frigid water. The Spaniel's soft mouth also meant that they had the rare ability to retrieve a dove without causing it any damage. In the 1800s the breed became popular in the United States for duck hunting until the Labrador Retriever overshadowed them due to its easy coat care. The Irish Water Spaniel is now considered a rare breed, however they are becoming more popular in Australia as a family companion due to their gentle disposition.

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