The Sloughi is a medium-sized, short-coated dog which resembles a greyhound, earning it the name 'Arabian Greyhound'. Their long legs and lean body give it an athletic appearance and enable them to cover large distances efficiently and effortlessly.

Other Names
Arabian Greyhound
Country of Origin
North Africa

Comes in a range of colours including cream, red, sand, fawn and brindle. They can sometimes have a black mask too.

Height / Weight
Height 60-70cms; weight between 20-27kgs.
There are no recorded incidents of hereditary problems in the Sloughi breed.
Life Span

10 - 12 years

The Arabia n greyhound is a beautiful dog, intelligent and generally easy to train. Socialisation and training should start young, especially to curb hunting instincts.
Suitability (Children)

The Sloughi is an undemanding eater and with a good appetite consistent with their activity levels.

Feeding Cost
$10-$15 p/w
Other Cost
The Sloughi has the power and grace to run for days! They are very active and will need owners to put in the time to exercise them. They will readily chase anything resembling game so keep a good eye on your pup!
Hair Shed
There are no recorded incidents of hereditary problems in the Sloughi breed.
The Sloughi is cat-like in their cleanliness and even go as far as licking themselves clean if they feel dirty! Their coat is short and only requires a going over with a rubber grooming mitt occasionally.
Grooming Frequency
Up to once a week
The Arabian Greyhound is a living idol. In their time they have been revered by Bedouin tribesman and prized possessions of the Great Sheiks! The Sloughi is a valued member of a Bedouin family, and treated in the same way as any other guest, should a Sloughi be cold a tribe member has been known to give up blankets for them. The Sloughi is mourned as a member of the family, and a mummified corpse of a Sloughi has even been found in tombs with Egyptians mummies!

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