Skye Terrier

The Skye Terrier is a squat and long dog with a long tail and covered in feathering. Their coat is hard and flat in the utter layer, with a soft and wooly layer underneath. Its long in length and can even be up to 14 centimetres in length! The Skye Terrier has a loving face with deep brown eyes, pointed ears and beard with distinctive feathering.

Other Names
Country of Origin

Black, dark or silver greys, fawn or cream and always in a solid colour.

Height / Weight
Height 24 - 26cms; weight 11.5 - 18kgs.
Skye Terriers can be prone to Hypothyroid and Lens Luxation issues.
Life Span

12 - 15 years

While sometime wilful, with a firm leader and consistent training the Skye will be responsive.
Suitability (Children)

For their size and activity levels the Skye doesn't eat a large amount.

Feeding Cost
$10-$15 p/w
Other Cost
A daily walk and some indoor play will keep your pup happy! A chance to run off the lead will be a bonus but keep an eye on your Skye Terrier as they can get caught up in a hunt and be off in a flash.
Hair Shed
Skye Terriers can be prone to Hypothyroid and Lens Luxation issues.
The Skye has a very long coat that does need very frequent grooming including brushing and combing to preventing matting. If you're not able to care for the longer coat you can choose to keep it shorter, making it much more manageable. For your Skye Terrier to have their full adult coat will take some years.
Grooming Frequency
Daily Brushing to prevent matting and discomfort.
The history of the Skye involves shipwrecks and debauchery! In the 1600s a Spanish ship was wrecked off the island of Skye in Scotland. They brought with them Maltese dogs who subsequently mated with the local terriers giving us the Skye Terrier we recognise today. The dog was originally used to hunt vermin before becoming popular with the patronage of Queen Victoria in the 19th Century and the breed was first exhibited in 1864. The most well-known Skye was call Greyfriars Bobby and was known for his devoted guarding of the grave of his master, Constable John Grey. The community fed the pup until he eventually passed away by his masters side at age 16. Greyfriars Bobby is honoured by a statue in Edinburgh to this day!

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