Irish Terrier

Who can resist the bearded beauty of the Irish Terrier. A medium-sized terrier with a powerful jaw, long whiskers and bearded muzzle, ending in a cute black nose. They have a rough-looking wiry outer coat that is lined with a softer undercoat, however the hair on their ears is shorter and often darker than on the rest of its hair and they have bushy eyebrows. Their straight muscular legs are perfect for digging or chasing.

Country of Origin

The Irish Terrier comes in golden-yellow, wheaten, and light red,

Height / Weight
Dogs should measure no more than 45 - 50cms at the withers, bitches slightly less at 43 - 47cms. Dogs weigh between 12 - 15kgs and bitches should ideally weigh between 10 - 13kgs.
This is a healthy breed, however some Irish Terrier can be prone to knee problems such as luxating patellas.
Life Span

12-15 years

Irish Terriers are definitely trainable and highly intelligent. They have great natural talent for agility trails and fly-ball competitions.
Suitability (Children)

You may be surprised by how much an Irish Terrier east considering its size, however they are undemanding and won't be the sort of dog to tap their food bowl expectantly. Irish Terriers are active little dogs and will definitely get out what they put in.

Feeding Cost
$10-$15 p/w
Other Cost
Training an Irish Terrier requires confidence, consistency and tact. When in a good mood, they can learn anything, but try to ensure that there is plenty of variety in the training routine or they will become easily bored and distracted.
Hair Shed
This is a healthy breed, however some Irish Terrier can be prone to knee problems such as luxating patellas.
The Irish Terrier has a hard double coat that is rather easy maintain. Dead hair can be removed by brushing once a week with a stiff bristle brush. Bath time should be once every two weeks in the warmer months and once a month in the colder months. It is also recommended that Irish Terriers are hand-stripped/ hand-plucked by a professional groomer twice a year (just like an Airedale).
Grooming Frequency
Once a week
The Irish Terrier is one of the oldest terrier breeds, it is believed they have been around for over two thousand years. The Irish Terrier became very popular in England during the late 1800s due to its excellent ability to catch rats. The Irish Terrier was also used as a messenger during wartime. Today their main duty is as a companion, although they still are keen rat catchers when given the chance.

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