Fox Terrier Wire Coat

The Fox Terrier is a bundle of joy and energy who will bring some fun into your home. The Wire coated Fox Terrier has a short, rough and wiry top coat and a softer undercoat upon its lean but sturdy frame. The Fox Terrier has a narrow and emotive face with distinctive, dark eyes and gorgeous floppy ears.

Other Names
Country of Origin
Great Britain

Comes in white with black, black and tan or tan markings. The white colour tends to dominate.

Height / Weight
Dogs should measure no more than 39cms at the withers, bitches slightly less. Dogs weigh between 7.3-8.2kgs and bitches should ideally weigh between 6.8-7.7kgs.
The Wire Coated Fox Terrier is a hardy dog with no breed specific ailments to be aware of.
Life Span

13-14 years

The Wire is an intelligent canine but can be head strong which tends to be a common trait with terriers! The Fox Terrier can be noisy and loves a good dig so you'll need to be consistent and firm in training them and providing alternative stimulation to get them out of bad behaviours. As long as you continue with training and start young you should find the Fox Terrier easy enough to train. Socialisation with other dogs should also start early to prevent dominating behaviours in your Wire!
Suitability (Children)

The Wire is not demanding in its feeding requirements. They do eat a lot considering their small size but the Fox Terrier is an energetic and active canine.

Feeding Cost
$5-$10 p/w
Other Cost
Some professional grooming.
The Fox Terrier is a very energetic dog who lives an active life! They will love to exercise with you and burn off some energy with a long walk or job. The Wire tends to exceed in athletic pursuits like fly ball and agility competitions but is just as happy to play frisbee with their family at the park. You really need to put in the time to give your Wire the exercise it needs to have a happy, healthy and well-behaved puppy!
Hair Shed
The Wire Coated Fox Terrier is a hardy dog with no breed specific ailments to be aware of.
The Wiry coat of the Fox Terrier requires time and money to maintain. Owners usually prefer professional groomers do the necessary hand plucking of the coat but if you're game to learn and put in the time commitment you could always learn to do it yourself! The coat should also be brushed and combed a few times a week to keep it clean and free of knots and tangles!
Grooming Frequency
More than once a week
The Wiry Fox Terrier can probably trace it's history to crosses of the Old English Terrier, Smooth Coated Black and Tan Terriers as well as even Greyhounds and Beagles! The Wire made it's fame as a hunting dog, locating foxes through their bark and alerting the hunter to it's location. The Wire and Smooth coated Fox Terriers used to be classed as the same breed before they were separately classified in the 19th Century. The standard was drawn up in 1876 by the Offices of the Fox Terrier Club.

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