With plenty of personality and curiosity, these dogs make the ultimate companions. They are known for their excellent scent detection and hunting skills.

Country of Origin
Great Britain

The most common coat colours for this breed are black, tan and white although they are known to feature a variety of other Hound colours such as lemon, orange and red.

Height / Weight
This breed measures between 33 - 40cms and normally weighs from 8 - 14kgs.
Common ailments for the Beagle include eye disorders, jaw issues, liver conditions and bleeding disorders.
Life Span

12-15 years

These dogs are very intelligent and eager to please. When trained well, they make excellent hunting companions and family dogs. Without care they can develop behavioural issues including constant barking, separation anxiety and become destructive when left alone.
Suitability (Children)

Beagles can follow a normal doggy diet although owners should be wary of the potential for obesity in this breed.

Feeding Cost
$10-$15 p/w
Other Cost
These smart sidekicks need a lot of exercise and thrive when taken outdoors. If not well trained you may well find your Beagle refuses to return when following a scent. Field dog trials are a good way to keep them healthy and allow them to really use their noses. If you’re looking for a dog to hunt with, this is the one. When brought up around children and other pets they are a wonderful addition to your family.
Hair Shed
Common ailments for the Beagle include eye disorders, jaw issues, liver conditions and bleeding disorders.
A quick daily brush is all a Beagle will need. You can normally tell exactly when they need a bath as they have a love for rolling around outdoors. Some Beagles are particularly adventurous eaters and so should be monitored for foul breath, normally treated with doggie toothpaste.
Grooming Frequency
Every Day
The modern Beagle originates from Great Britain where is was bred to be a scent hound. This pooch is a combination of the Foxhound, the Harrier and a small bloodhound known as a “Kerry Beagle.” The smooth coated breed known today was recognised in 1885 by the American Kennel Club.

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