The La Perm cat looks a bit like it's stuck its paw in a light socket thanks to its notable curly or wavy coat. However, LaPerms can be born totally bald or short-haired with the fuzzy coat developing as the cat matures. Note: some LaPerms are born with a straight-haired coat which never changes so if you want to be sure you're getting a fuzz ball, pick up a mature puss whose coat has already come in. The La Perm's coat can be medium to long and comes in a range of colours. Each cat's coat is unique and the curls can range from wavy to tight ringlets and corkscrew curls. LaPerms have a bottle brush tail type.

Country of Origin

Tortoiseshell, red, tabby

this is the feeding cost
Nothing major
Life Span

13 -15 years

Watch the intelligence unfold as you teach your LaPerm tricks such as fetching
Suitability (Children)

The La Perm is not a particularly active cat and will require approximately 70 Kcals of food per kg of bodyweight per day to maintain condition.

Feeding Cost
this is the feeding cost
Hair Shed
Nothing major
Grooming Requirements
Comb once a week to prevent tangles
The LaPerm cat breed sprang from a domestic barn cat. In 1892 a litter of six kittens were born on an Oregon farm, one of which was totally bald with wide spaced ears and a blueprint pattern on her skin. Within two months the kitty has started to grow soft, wavy hair. Over the next 10 years the owner started to realise how unique her curly cats were and started to confine the cats. She decided to enter into a cat show, calling the cat breed "LaPerm" and the rest is history!

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