NYE fireworks: fun for you, frightening for your pet

If you’re planning on partying like it’s 1999, spare a thought for the safety of your pet…

04 Jan 2016 By Zahra Gaitskell Comments

New Year’s Eve is an awesome time of the year, it's a celebration of the year that has been and the one that is to come. For us humans it’s a time to party but unfortunately noisy New Year’s Eve may not be such a fun time for your fur baby!

Factors like fireworks, lights, noise and new visitors to the home can cause stress for our feline friends and canine chums. So the more you can prepare, the better equipped you’ll be when the clock strikes midnight and the calmer and happier your pet will be.

New Year’s Eve pet preparations:

  • Make sure your pet has a quiet and dark place to escape to on the night. Smaller pets like birds or small animals in cages can be removed to a dark room and kept away from any mayhem, but cats and dogs might just want a place to feel secure and safe if they need it.
  • Dogs or cats can sometimes panic and bolt when there are loud noises like fireworks, ensure your backyard is secure or make a plan to keep your pet inside.
  • Having a big party? It might be a good idea to organise a friend or family member your pet can stay with for the night.

  • If you're having people over and your pet will stay with you make sure guests know how to behave around your animal. Let them know of any particular anxieties or stressors to avoid and both pets and guests will have a great night.
  • If your pet has a history of anxiety and stress a visit to the vet is a good precaution. They may be able to suggest behavioural techniques or even medication to use on the day.
  • Get your pet accustomed to noises and unfamiliar situations. A dog more used to loud noises or people will have better coping skills than one who does not.
  • In the same way, the healthier and happier your pet is in the lead up to a stressful event, the better they will cope. Feed your pet nutritious and wholesome meals, give them the appropriate amount of exercise for their size and breed and foster a positive and supportive relationship. Knowing they're loved and feeling good will go a long way when in an unpredictable and potentially scary situation like New Year’s Eve.


Keeping your pet happy and safe on New Year's Eve

  • Be prepared to comfort and calm your pet if necessary. If you notice them becoming stressed and unhappy take them to a quiet and secure place, give them a cuddle and a treat and let them re-cooperate in their own time.
  • A calming massage can be just as wonderful for your pet as it is for us. Your animal may appreciate the soothing and comforting body contact with you.
  • Our pets take their cues from our reactions, if your response to the fireworks is one of alarm, or high stress, it is likely your pet will respond in the same way. Show your cat or dog there is nothing to be stressed about and they will likely be much calmer.
  • If you have medication to calm or sedate your pet, use it as required.

New Year’s Eve can be stressful for our pets, but it doesn't have to be. Prepare and look after your furry friend on the night and they will thank you in the new year!


04 Jan 2016 By Zahra Gaitskell Comments

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