Cool choc-free Easter treats for your fur kids

Mad about your mutt, crazy about your cat? No doubt you’ll want to treat them this Easter…

23 Mar 2016 By Leanne Philpott Comments

While our kids will be scoffing chocolate come Sunday, our pets deserve some treats to ensure they have a hoppy Easter too, don’t you think?

But of course, chocolate is toxic to pets, so we’ve rounded up a few non-choccy gift ideas.


Eco-friendly dog toy

If you love to treat your pet but also believe in reducing our eco footprint, this Hemp Rope Toy from Earthdog is the prefect Easter goodie for your pooch. Made from 100% Romanian-grown hemp, your four-legged pal will just love this chewy rope. Available in two sizes, small (apx 10 inches) and large (apx 16 inches).

Ships from the USA.


Sleek cat scratcher

The ultimate in cat comfortyour kitty will be the most stylish cat in town with this Cat Scratcher and Lounger. Made from eco-friendly, recyclable materials, its sleek, neutral design will complement any home and provide your cat with the most comfortable bed in the house. Move over kitty!


Cool cat collar

Bluberry Pet cat collars are uber cute and an ickle bit fun. They’re bright and quirky and some even have bows and bells on them, which will make playing hide and seek with your kitty a breeze. Ding, ding!

Free worldwide shipping.


Denim dog

If your dog’s cooler than the other side of your pillow it needs a custom-made dog battle jacket. Stat! PetHaus will ensure your fur pal has sought-after street cred, thanks to its original, vintage-look denim doggy battle jackets. Talk about too cool for puppy school!

Feline fashion

If you think your feline feels the cold, buy your purring pal a fashionable pull-over. This Tammy Cat Sweater will give your meowing mate instant ‘cool cat’ status.


Love nose no boundaries

Designed to protect, nourish and soothe dry skin, the Snout Soother from Pet Parcels is a blend of natural and organic oils and vitamins. It moisturises your pooch’s schnozzle, making him love you all the more. Plus the tin is pretty cool.


Woofie bites

Easter wouldn’t be Easter without a good chow down with loved ones. Miss Drew’s Bakery is your go-to for healthy and super yummy (not that I’ve actually tried them) treats for your four-legged pal. Freshly-baked to order and made from organic ingredients, there’s a whole range of delectable dog biscuits, cakes and lollypops to choose from.


Hope you and your furry pals have an egg-cellent Easter!


23 Mar 2016 By Leanne Philpott Comments

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