10 reasons why cats are overrated

Deep down we love our purring pals, but we still thought it would be fun to check out some of the reasons why cats are soo overrated...

08 Nov 2015 By Emily Little Comments

1. Cats are totally lazy

Did you know that cats spend 70% of their lives sleeping? That's 16 hours a day! Where's the fun in that? Yawn!

2. Cats are obsessed with their looks

When they’re not sleeping, cats spend a third of their time awake cleaning themselves. So vain!

3. Cats think they’re too cool

According to a study, cats can recognise their owners voices, but often don’t respond because they’re simply too cool to care!

4. Cats are fussy eaters

Cats can often be quite fussy about the smell of their food, and they can be finicky about certain textures. They also dislike anything that tastes citrusy! Whereas, give a dog a bone and it’s happy.

5. Lots of our feline friends are fatty-boom-bahs

Over 50 million cats in the world are overweight!

6. Cats can’t taste sweetness

What is life without being able to taste ice-cream?

7. Cats are demanding

Have you ever noticed that your cat meows at you a lot? Well, there’s a reason. Basically, cats just meow at humans to get us to do what they want!

8. Cats can be super hard to please

Be careful of getting on the wrong side of your furry feline… research has shown that cats never forgive! If you anger your cat, they will probably hold onto a grudge for all 9 of their lives!

9. Cats are a danger hazard!

More than 86,000 people are injured by tripping over their cats every year in the U.S! They should wear a flashing warning sign…

10. Cats are on a mission to rule to the world

Has your cat ever looked like it was secretly plotting world domination? Well, it probably was! The feline population is ahead in the quest for power: a cat named Stubbs has acted as Mayor in a small town in Alaska for 15 years!

08 Nov 2015 By Emily Little Comments

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