Top dogs prepare for 139th Westminster Dog Show

Brace yourself for the cream of the canine crop at the Westminster Dog Show.

09 Feb 2015 By Eleanor Comments

For over a hundred years the crème-de-la-crème of the canine world has gathered to participate in the Westminster Dog Show. This year the renowned spectacle is being held at Madison Square Garden from the 16th – 17th February.

The judging will be live-streamed to the Westminster Kennel Club website and app.

Over two days, these pampered pooches strut their stuff to prove which dog has the ultimate breeding. The competition itself is made up of three levels. At every level, the competing dog is judged by comparing it to the breed “standard”. The standard is the physical characteristics that define a dog as a certain breed, this could be height, coat texture, colour or other distinguishing traits.

Last year Madison Square Gardens saw over 3000 dogs entered into the Westminster Dog Show. When all the puppies had pranced and the beagles barked, the title of Best in Show was awarded to Sky, a Wire Fox Terrier.

For dog owners this is a big event on the doggie calendar. After all, owners can spend months training their dog for the big moment. A LOT of grooming goes into these events, which isn’t always every canine’s cup of tea!

For the first time since 1991, the competition has been opened up to dogs who are not current AKC champions.  According to Westminster Kennel Club guidelines an AKC champion is a dog that has won a total of 15 points across multiple events. Of these points, at least two “majors” must have been won (these are three points won under more than one judge).

Last year the Masters Agility Championship was added to the roster. The agility trails were held on Pier 94 and received so much support that onlookers were soon spilling out of the stands. After proving so popular in 2014, the Masters Agility Championship has been invited back this year.

It can be a tiring two days for all involved, but it is also great fun.

Win or lose the Westminster Dog Show is a great bonding activity for the canine competitors and their trainers.


Would you like to see an event as big as Westminster Dog Show in Australia?

09 Feb 2015 By Eleanor Comments

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