The pawwwfect pedicure – first canine nail bar opens in Oz

Anyone who has ever had to trim a dog’s nails knows that it’s a struggle. They squeal, they squirm, and make it downright impossible to do anything…

09 Feb 2015 By Eleanor Comments

That’s why Zara Shaw is a miracle worker. Not only does this 23-year-old nail artist trim your dog’s nails to perfection, she paints them too! The self-taught nail artist has even opened her own doggy nail boutique in Newcastle, NSW. It’s the first canine nail art bar in Australia!

While doggy nail art may seem a bit odd, it is one of the latest trends for pampered pooches. Zara has said that dog owners often come in suggesting designs, or wanting their dog’s nails to match theirs. “I had one client who was really into Angry Birds so I painted them on her dog’s nails, she had a huge, black Newfoundland dog.”

Zara’s nail art isn’t just creating a storm in Australia, it’s also gaining attention in the USA. When her nail designs were shown at the GroomEx 2013 exhibition in Melbourne, they caught the eye of world-class groomer Judy Hudson. Mrs Hudson was so impressed that she even took photos back to the US to show off Zara’s talents.

GroomEx saw Zara take home the prize for best Canine Nail Art with her social media-inspired designs. To see her handiwork in person, Zara’s doggy nail bar can be found at Dogoverboard in Adamstown. Each design is painted by hand, with a basic colour starting at $10 for the two front paws.

While they may not be as well known down under, dog pedicures are taking the US by storm. Pooch pedicures and nail art are becoming more and more elaborate and accessible. There are even nail polish pens made especially for dogs! These colourful varnishes dry in 40 seconds so you can immediately strut your dog down the street to show off your new nail art. The American brand Pawdicure Polish is a big hit in grooming salons and homes across the country. And with hilarious names like “Paw-ty in Pink”, “Smooch” and “Walk in the Park Green”, we’re not surprised!

Next time you’re taking your dog for a walk be on the lookout for signs of this upcoming trend in your neighbourhood.


Would you paint your dog’s nails?


09 Feb 2015 By Eleanor Comments

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