Pose a Pet camera app

The festive season wouldn’t be half as much fun without a whole bunch of silly snaps to show how un-cool you look in a Christmas hat, reindeer horns, elf ears or any other silly-season dress up you can get your merry hands on.

12 Jan 2015 By Leanne Philpott Comments

Yet it’s not just us humans we like to get on camera-who doesn’t love to dress their dog up as Santa or see their cat in a kooky Christmas sweater? It’s the perfect opportunity to get a pic of your beloved pet, right? [Don’t be surprised if your pet asks Santa for new owners for Christmas!)Getting a Christmas-card-worthy portrait of your pet isn’t easy though, unless you’ve stumbled across the Pose a Pet app, of course.

Developed by pet photographer Jennifer Whaley, the app uses a no-brainer method of funny noises to coax pets to look at the camera. Don’t you just wish you’d come up with that idea?

Apart from helping pet owners take pawsome pics of their furry friends, Pose a Pet is also helping sheltered pets find a new home by offering a simple and effective way to grab a great pic of your pet and share it on social media. This just makes us love the app even more.

Check out the Pose a Pet app and be sure to send your h-appy festive-season snaps in for us to see.

12 Jan 2015 By Leanne Philpott Comments

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