Pet smart pet technologies

There are more and more animal apps and high-tech pet products coming on to the market, take these two snazzy pet technologies for starters.

12 Jan 2015 By Leanne Philpott Comments

Eye spy

Ever wondered what your dog or cat does at home when you’re not there? Now you don’t have to wonder you can watch!


Spying on your pet when they’re home alone just became possible. Petcube is a palm-sized aluminium cube that has been fitted with a wide-angle camera, allowing you to check in on your furry friend when you’re out and about.

Pop the device on a shelf and then access the remote, wireless camera in real-time from your smart phone or iPhone.

If spying on your cat or dog from afar isn’t enough for you, Petcube’s app allows you to post pics of your pet taken from the live camera stream. While any Tom, Dick or Sheila can follow your Petcube social network, you can designate specified people as “friends” or “family” and allow them to access the camera, laser (designed for pet play) and speaker on specific days and at certain times.

Warning: Petcube might lead you to realise that your beloved dog or cat is actually far more boring than you ever dreamed. Costing $199 (USD), Petcube is a fairly pricey way to watch Simba sleep or hear Fido fart in real time! However that didn't stop the first batch of Petcubes selling out quick smart.

You can register your interest and go on the waiting list to order your Petcube here.

Super sleek pet tracker

The Pod tracker is a small and lightweight fully waterproof GPS pet tracker. So whether your dog or cat has a tendency to stray or you simply want to rest assured your pet is safe and close by, Pod is the perfect way to ensure you’ll never lose your pet again.

Pod attaches to your pet’s collar to enable you to locate and keep track of your beloved pet from your phone. Pod is totally waterproof, so no need to worry if your four-legged friend loves jumping in ponds and pools. Pod also features perimeter alerts, allowing you to see when your pet escapes the safety boundaries you’ve set.

That’s not all, with Pod you can also compare your animal’s activity levels with hundreds of other pets across the globe-competitive, me?

With a bang-on product design and a super slick app, Pod is the perfect way to keep a close eye on your family friend.

12 Jan 2015 By Leanne Philpott Comments

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