Northern Territory is the place to be for pets

The Northern Territory is renowned for a tougher breed of people, but the same may not be said for its well-pampered pets.

29 Jan 2016 By Josh Thomas Comments

Research by the Suncorp Bank has revealed that Territorians spend more than $6,000 a year on their pets with only Victorians spending more at around $8,000 a year.

A large chunk of these expenses are spent on pet insurance with $1,403 expended on each NT pet, that's 2.5 times more than the national average.  With crocodiles looming, humid temperatures and storms never too far away, it's little wonder why pet insurance is such a priority.

However, it seems our NT comrades care just as much about appearances as they do survival for their pets with more spent on grooming and accessories than on vet bills. On average Territorians spend $1,970 a year pampering their pets, with $1,570 spent on vet-related expenses. Another eye opener from the report is that fact that NT pet owners prefer ‘tougher’ breeds of pets, even if they have a tendency to make them look pretty.

Suncorp Bank regional manager Damian Hearne said after the report that with such large amounts being spent on our precious pets it's worrying that more than 25% of pet owners failed to factor in pet expenses into their household budget.

So the take home message is don’t overlook the cost of your much-loved pet and, despite its harsh conditions, the Northern Territory is the place to be for pets looking for regular pampering and the reassurance of pet insurance!


29 Jan 2016 By Josh Thomas Comments

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