Joseph Lyddy teams up with Guide Dogs Australia

Pet care brand Joseph Lyddy has partnered with Guide Dogs Australia to help promote the importance of these much-needed clever canines.

16 Dec 2015 By Leanne Philpott Comments

Joseph Lyddy has produced a range of ‘Pet Indulgence’ products co-branded with Guide Dogs Australia, with the aim to increase community awareness about the invaluable help and support Guide Dogs Australia provides to people who are blind or have poor eyesight.

Guide Dogs play a huge and vital role in the lives of people with vision impairment. Our specially trained furry friends provide these individuals with the freedom and independence to move safely with confidence.

Joseph Lyddy’s grooming range is Australian-made and specifically tailored for dogs. It uses high quality natural ingredients with a blend of essential oils, which are kind to your dog’s coat and skin! The grooming range is designed to leave our barking buddies smelling great and includes a dog specific oatmeal shampoo, conditioner, deodoriser, detangler, and dry shampoo for both dogs and cats.

Special treats have also been created that boast natural Australian ingredients with high nutritional value.

Rachael Tricarico, a representative from Joseph Lyddy, tells Zookie that ensuring your dog is well groomed and healthy is all part and parcel of being a responsible pet owner.

She says, “Being a responsible owner means much more than simply providing food and water for a dog. Right from the start owners must understand the importance of the correct selection, care and management of the dog and know that dog ownership is a long-term commitment. Apart from the dog’s most basic needs, owners should also ensure the dog has companionship, is trained, de-sexed and receives appropriate veterinary care when required. Owners also need to be respectful of dog owners and non-dog owners around them and the laws relating to animal ownership.”

So if you’re stuck for a stocking filler for Fido, why not head on over to Joseph Lyddy Pet Indulgence and look out for the products displaying the Guide Dogs Australia logo; a contribution from the sale of these products will go to a pawsome cause!


16 Dec 2015 By Leanne Philpott Comments

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