It’s National Dog Day

Us humans have Father’s Day and Mother’s Day so why not have a day that’s just for our canine companions!

26 Aug 2015 By Leanne Philpott Comments

National Dog Day Australia is all about encouraging pet owners to become aware of what it means to be a responsible dog owner. It’s also about promoting dog adoption.

Perhaps you can celebrate the occasion by giving your dog a treat (something healthy, of course) - a new neckerchief, a cool toy or a whole bunch of cuddles and some extra playtime.

Given that National Dog Day Australia is all about encouraging responsible dog ownership, use today to think of some ways in which you can help your dog live a healthier life.

Get active

Maybe you can dedicate some extra time to exercising your four-legged friend. Physical activity will help energise both you and your dog and encourage you both to get fitter for summer.

Health check

When was the last time you took your pooch to the vet? Is it time they had a health check? If so, there’s no time like the present to book them in for a vet check-up.


It’s easy to get into bad habits and if you find yourself eating processed foods, junk and too many takeaways, maybe your dog’s diet has slipped too. Re-assess your dog’s diet (and their weight). If they’re still eating a balanced, nutritious, high-quality diet, then well done you, but if not now’s an awesome time to get their eating habits (and yours) back on track.

If you do anything this National Dog Day Australia, take a moment to ‘paws’ and consider all the happiness your furry friend brings you and what you can do to ensure they live as happy and healthy a life as possible.


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26 Aug 2015 By Leanne Philpott Comments

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