Interview: Renee Zezula from Holidaying With Dogs

Fancy some R&R with your four-legged pal in 2015? Renee Zezula from a dedicated guide to pet-friendly accommodation shares her tips on taking your dog on vacay.

22 Feb 2015 By Leanne Philpott Comments

What types of holiday are best for dogs?

The types of holidays I believe are best for dogs are the ones you can drive to.  Whether you are heading away to the beach or the country, your dog will enjoy the trip with you.  The annual family trip doesn't need to be camping, with so many properties now offering pet-friendly accommodation—you have lots of choice that extends way beyond camp sites.  At Holidaying with Dogs we list over 2,000 dog-friendly B&Bs, caravan parks, camping grounds, host farms, cottages, motels and holiday houses throughout Australia, so it’s a great first stop when you’re in holiday-planning mode!

What advice can you offer on finding hotel accommodation when travelling with a dog?

When looking for pet-friendly accommodation, check out our website but also consider your needs. For example, are the dogs allowed inside the accommodation? Is the garden secure? Are big breeds of dog allowed? Perhaps make a checklist to help you decide which option is best for you and your dog.

Can you tell us about an awesome holiday you’ve taken your dog on?

We holiday with our dog (and two cats) every year.  We are lucky enough to have use of a house at Flinders on the Bellarine Peninsula, which has a beautiful enclosed back garden and is within walking distance to a fantastic off-lead beach.

How important is pet insurance when you’re planning a holiday with your dog?

The main reason to insure your dogs and cats is for the peace of mind. Vet bills can quickly mount up, especially in the event that your pet should fall seriously ill, and knowing that you can afford the very best treatment possible can be a great comfort at such times.

What are some ways to ensure a fun-filled and safe holiday for humans and pets?

To ensure a fun and safe holiday, make sure your dog is secured in the car using a harness, have regular toilet and drink stops and remember to pack your dog’s bed and favourite toys.  NEVER leave your dog in the car.


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22 Feb 2015 By Leanne Philpott Comments

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