Escape the daily grind, go grab a free doggy hug

It’s amazing how a hug from one of our furry friends can help alleviate stress and improve our wellbeing.

08 Jul 2016 By Leanne Philpott Comments

All too often workplace employees and university students can be faced with stress and pressure, which can lead to anxiety, lack of productivity and even team conflict.  To assist with stress reduction and morale boosting, Delta Society Australia’s Delta Therapy Dogs Program has launched the ‘Paws the Pressure’ initiative, bringing dogs to workplaces and universities to help employee and student wellbeing.

To launch the initiative, ‘Paws the Pressure’ is inviting everyone to momentarily escape the daily grind. Head over to Martin Place, Sydney, today (Friday 8th July) and lift your spirits with free hugs from some loveable dogs.

Research has shown that the human-animal bond remarkably improves the quality of lives, benefits overall mental, physical and emotional health. Having four-legged friends around the work environment can help lower blood pressure as well as stress levels. Delta’s ‘Paws the Pressure’ program will assist in keeping employee and student spirits high and add to the sense of community and connection.

Vet Dr. Katrina Warren, along with a few Delta Therapy Dogs, has already visited companies including Colgate Palmolive & Hills Pet Nutrition to help reduce stress levels and encourage positive interaction.

Dr. Warren said, “‘Paws the Pressure’ has allowed our canine companions to bring many smiles and reduce stress in workplaces and we’ve certainly seen a positive change in the offices we’ve visited. The dogs were a huge hit and my dog Riley was treated like a superstar – it’s truly amazing to see the human-pet bond and the remarkable power of pets.”

For more info visit Delta’s ‘Paws the Pressure’, or, if you’re in Sydney, pop over to Martin Place today; the initiative is running until 3pm. 

08 Jul 2016 By Leanne Philpott Comments

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