Could you be a potential puppy parent?

What do you say to becoming a pet parent to a beautiful Labrador puppy—who you would train and educate while someone else paid for its food and vet bills? We'd say "Hell Yeah" too!

06 Aug 2015 By Leanne Philpott Comments

International Assistance Dog Week is on NOW—August 2nd-8th—and celebrates the hard work, commitment and achievements of volunteer pet parents.

Volunteers are integral to Assistance Dogs Australia as they help by not only caring for and training puppies, but also by fundraising and performing doggy demonstrations.

Volunteer puppy parents, who raise a pup in their own home and watch it turn into a highly skilled Assistance Dog, have the delight of seeing their furry pride and joy matched with someone living with a disability and put their skills to good use.

Being a Puppy Educator is a prized and rewarding role—you get a pup to play with and cuddle for a few months (usually for 10 months), a furry friend to train, teach and socialise—all the while knowing that you are giving something back to the community and someone in need.

Assistance Dogs Australia has a litter of new puppies on the way and is looking for more Puppy Educators in Sydney. If you are interested in helping by raising a puppy in your home, with all food, vet costs and training provided, visit or call 1800 688 364 for more information.

If you're already a Puppy Educator or Trainer we'd love to hear your story (Share using the comment box below).

06 Aug 2015 By Leanne Philpott Comments

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