Stylish and unique accessories for your bark buddy

Despite being just a young pup, BOco is adding a touch of style and elegance to the dog accessories market…

28 Jun 2017 By Leanne Philpott Comments

Leah and Rob Jones, the brains behind BOco, believe all dogs deserve a one-of-a-kind accessory. When they couldn’t find the style they wanted they didn’t just sit back, they decided to create their own high-quality products and accessories by incorporating beautiful materials, elegant designs and an array of colours.

ZOOKIE: Where does the brand name BOco come from?

LEAH: BOco is the combined name of our three-year-old Staffy Bo and his sister Missy, being the co. We also kept with the ‘co’ incase we add to our fur family.

ZOOKIE: What prompted you to launch BOco?

LEAH: BOco was born out of mine and Rob’s (that’s my husband) shared interest in stylish lifestyle products and our love of dogs.

We launched BOco after discovering a gap in the market for the kind of premium contemporary accessories we wanted for our dogs. There were plenty of practical options available, but none that satisfied our personal style and taste.

We also saw the popularity of ‘personalisation’ and thought how can this translate to the pet industry? People really connect with products a lot more when it has their name on it and so why not put their dogs name on their accessories? With this in mind, we sourced and invested in the machine and launched BOco with the idea of providing unique and personalised accessories for the stylish dog owner.

ZOOKIE: What have been BOco’s biggest challenges and successes to date?

LEAH: BOco launched in January 2017 and so we are still very new. We have had a great response from customers and are excited about expanding the BOco brand. At this stage we are focusing on building the brand, expanding our local and overseas presence and testing out ideas.

ZOOKIE: What advice would you offer a pet parent who's looking for a bespoke collar for their dog?

LEAH: A well-chosen collar or lead is about finding the perfect balance between fashion with functionality. For the discerning owner and dog, you shouldn’t have to compromise on quality or style. It’s a pretty simple philosophy for the BOco team.

We have designed our accessories to be beautiful, comfortable, fashionable and durable and this is what we would recommend when searching for your perfect collar.

ZOOKIE: Can we expect any new products from BOco in 2017?

LEAH: We are just launching our BOLD collection, which is a slightly thinner range and also comes in x-small. This range will still feature the pebbled leather and will be available in a gorgeous selection of colours: furever red, hunter green, radiant orchid and baby blue. We are also bringing out a collection of leather dog charms that will add a little collar embellishment. These are also designed to be used as key rings for the humans.

ZOOKIE: What is your favourite local dog hang-out?

LEAH: Our dogs love the forest environment in which we live, and are regularly seen tearing up and down the old Olinda golf course in the Dandenong Ranges.


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28 Jun 2017 By Leanne Philpott Comments

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