Mr.Paw – Australian-made natural dog grooming products

What’s not to love about an all-natural conditioning shampoo designed especially for your fur pal?

09 Mar 2017 By Leanne Philpott Comments

Mr. Paw’s simple mission is to ‘get dirty dogs clean’ but they do this by using only the best natural ingredients that are also vegan and eco-friendly.

Their one and only product, the hero, is the Conditioning Shampoo. A cool and clever blend of essential oils (oat and peppermint) and extracts, it gently cleans your dog’s coat without causing irritation. It is free from a myriad nasties including: parabens, fragrances, sulphates and mineral oils, making it an all-round beautiful product to put on your fur pal’s coat.

To find out more about Mr. Paw we caught up with founder Danni Dias, who also happens to be a Melbourne-based interior designer, and Sassi (her beloved black whippet)

ZOOKIE: What inspired you to launch Mr. Paw?

DANNI: I’ve always been passionate about good design that is practical, minimal in aesthetic and simple to use. Next came my new whippet puppy…and so begins my love of making all things dog related. I have had everything from custom water bowls, dog beds and collars made from local manufactures. It wasn’t till Stassi’s puppy shampoo started making her skin itchy that I began investigating the ingredients and found that they resembled a science experiment! After a trip to the Prahran grocer I began making various shampoos made only of truly natural, high quality ingredients. I decided to take my back yard concoctions to an organic chemist who was able to make the shampoo a reality.

ZOOKIE: What sets Mr. Paw’s Conditioning Shampoo apart from competitors?

DANNI: Dog grooming products are often hidden with nasties beneath their “natural” label, fail to disclose an ingredient list and are packaged in some pretty awful bottles with smiling dogs and all the colours of the rainbow. Mr.Paw has a minimal aesthetic, is transparent with ingredients and has an emphasis on truly natural, high quality products.

ZOOKIE: Do you have other products in the pipeline?

DANNI: We are working on some balms, ointments and deoderisers, which we hope to launch later this year. Still sampling at the moment! Stay tuned….

ZOOKIE: Tell us about your fur baby Anastasia (a beautiful black whippet)

DANNI: Ohhhh where to start! Initially I was drawn to whippets as I live in an apartment and I’d read that they’re a good breed for small spaces. Yes they need a good hour romp at the park, but on the whole they are the biggest couch potatoes! Stassi is affectionate, loyal and the best snuggler around. She sleeps inbetween my boyfriend and I, neither of us mind! I’m not sure what we did with our weekends before we got her. A typical Saturday includes a trip to the park, butcher to buy her raw food, snuggle, another walk, another snuggle…eeeek.

ZOOKIE: What are your favourite dog-friendly hang outs in Melbourne?

DANNI: We love going to Hank Marvin market in St Kilda; Stassi likes saying hello to the rescue greyhounds while the humans munch on toasties.

To find out more about his awesome Australian pet brand or to try Mr. Paw Conditioning Shampoo for yourself, visit the website.

09 Mar 2017 By Leanne Philpott Comments

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