Dogs cruising in cars

Don't think you're the only one that likes to go for a drive; canines like to chill and cruise too.

05 Apr 2016 By Leanne Philpott Comments

1. Sheep herding Honda style

2. Now that’s just mean

3. Is she serious? I mean what happened to street cred?

4. So what? Paddington's my cousin

5. Just cruisin'

6. Woo hoo! Feelin' the wind, man

7. Do you think our faces will stay like this?

8. You are the wind beneath my jowels

9. Like hell I'm gonna smile for the camera

10. Just driving back from the dentist

11. Did someone say smile?

12. I pity the fool...

05 Apr 2016 By Leanne Philpott Comments

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