Dogs cooler than the other side of your pillow

Ok you may be cool, but you will never be as cool as these uber-cool dogs

16 Sep 2015 By JimBob Comments


Because cool dogs don’t look back at explosions

Lets face it, all Corgis are cool

All Huskys like to be cool

This dog is fabulously cool

Flying dogs are cool

Oh-em-gee, this dog's so cool he’s on a t-shirt

It's sad but as hard as you try, you'll never be as cool as this dog

Cruzin cool

Peeing standing up dog is cool

Keeping cool is cool

Whichever dog did this is cool, we love you too

Diving is cool

Staying cool in the pool, yup—pretty darn cool

Our eyes hurt there is so much coolness going on

Kool-Aid cool

Cool from head to tail

16 Sep 2015 By JimBob Comments

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