Best of the interpets volume 2

Interpets/internets… see what we did there?

09 Jul 2015 By JimBob Comments

We wish this happened every time we petted our cats and dogs

We give you the abominable snow cat

Roarrrr, I’m a dinosaur, roarrrr, kill destroy

The square root of an isosceles triangle is fish...

Not sure if we should go with cat scan or copy cat?

We’re feeling a little horse from laughing so much

The ringworm bearer?

They don't call them Springer Spaniels for nothing!

Dang dog is digging in the garden again

Mmm.. let's see how my stocks are doing today...

Wait… what, omg so freaking cute, we can't bear it!

Colonel Kluk from Hogan’s Hens

“Oh Zookie, you is sooooo funny”

Well, we'll seal you next week for 'Best of the interpets'!

09 Jul 2015 By JimBob Comments

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