Best of the interpets volume 10

Interpets/internets… see what we did there?

19 Nov 2015 By JimBob Comments

Flurpp burple flapp flappity gorble flap flap flomf

Bad goats, bad goats whatcha gonna do?

Oh hey there

I can see the moon

I’m not kitten with you, sit down right meow!

Oh the humanatee

Chip of the old block

Here’s Johnnnny!

I iz toasty

Hey Macarena

Let me show you the dance of my people

Working my way through puppy school

I can explain

What makes you think it was me?

Oh you need to poop?

Mouse muffin anyone?

Mmmm lipstick

I’m fabulous

19 Nov 2015 By JimBob Comments

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