The benefits of pet adoption

Pet adoption is fast becoming a popular method of acquiring a new best friend. People are being encouraged to adopt an animal instead of buying one from a pet store or a breeder. Below are some of the benefits of following this advice.

30 Apr 2015 By Andrew Clarke Comments

Saving lives

Pet adoption supporters always say that you will save the lives of two animals by adopting. The first life you save is of the animal you have adopted; improving their quality of life with proper care, nutrition and lots of affection.

But the second life adoption saves is always overlooked. Adopting frees up valuable space for another abused or abandoned pet. Most animal shelters are filled to capacity, and some of these shelters do not have enough resources to keep all the animals alive and healthy.

Saving money

One of the most attractive benefits of pet adoption is the low cost of adopting in comparison to buying. Purebreds often come with a hefty price tag, mostly because breeders know that there is a huge demand for pedigreed animals. With adopting, however, you are taking in an abused or abandoned animal by paying a minimal fee.

Animals in shelters are vaccinated, spayed and neutered by volunteer veterinarians, meaning all the initial necessities of pet ownership are already covered. Outside the shelter, veterinarians can charge hundreds of dollars for these initial procedures.

Protesting against unscrupulous breeding practices

Have you ever heard of puppy mills? These places are considered to be one of the biggest problems of the pet industry. It is here that “in demand” animal breeds are farmed on a massive scale, without regard for the health of the animals.

Most puppy mills sell their “products” in pet stores or through newspaper ads. This breeding practice is unethical and endangers the animals. Pets that come from puppy mills are genetically inclined to certain health conditions because closely-related animals are made to mate with each other. By adopting a dog or cat from an animal shelter, you are not supporting these immoral business owners.

Having a healthy pet

The animal you will be adopting from the shelter will most likely have received necessary procedures and initial care, such as vaccinations and desexing. It is also important to note that many animals taken in by pet shelters are healthy animals that were unable to be looked after by their previous owners. Sometime people move overseas, divorce, or change their lifestyle in a way that has rendered them incapable of taking care of their pets.

A Large Selection to Choose from. Animal shelters and pet adoption agencies have a whole range of interesting animals. You will be able to select the size, breed, age, and gender of the animal. It’s surprising how easy it will be to find a pet that best fits your lifestyle and family.

30 Apr 2015 By Andrew Clarke Comments

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