Keeping fleas away from your dog

The last thing you want is a blood-sucking flea irritating your beloved Fido. However, fleas are clever little critters that love to annoy pets and invade homes—but we’re not about to give up the flea battle, are we? There are ways to keep fleas away from your dog and by George we’ll try them!

12 Feb 2018 By Leanne Philpott Comments

Fleas have been around since forever and poor pet owners are continuing to fend them off with all manner of lotions and potions, but before we get to the array of flea control products you can pick up, let’s look at some of the ways you can keep pesky fleas away.

Keeping fleas away from your dog


Get your (clean) freak on

You don’t need to be a clean freak, but you do need to have a lasting relationship with your vacuum and washing machine. Vacuuming sofas, rugs, carpets—and even your dog’s bed—can help prevent fleas from invading.

Wash your dog’s bedding weekly (and your bedding if Bob the dog sleeps with you) on a high temperature wash.


Groom your garden

Winning the war on fleas means protecting your environment as well as your pooch. Flea eggs and larvae may be lurking in the spots where your dog likes to lie down. Rake up fallen leaves, keep the grass short, sweep the patio and deck and you can also get flea control sprays. Not only will the extra gardening and pruning effort help protect your four-legged pal from fleas—you’ll have the best yard in the street!

Offer year round protection

Think Buffy the Flea Slayer and protect your dog against fleas by using a year-round preventative treatment. This will help you avoid finding a flea infestation on your furry friend. Contact your vet for recommendation on the best product for your pet, or read product usage advice carefully as some flea products are intended for weekly use, while others should be applied monthly.


Pet check

Even if you’re doing your best to keep flaming fleas away from your dog, Rover might pick up a hitchhiking flea while out roaming so it pays to be aware of the telltale signs of fleas—as well as on the look out for the fleas themselves.


The signs and symptoms that fleas have attacked

Part of the process of keeping fleas away from your dog, is recognising when the little critters have outsmarted your flea-fighting efforts. Darn those grubs!

Signs to watch for include:

Your dog’s scratching itself more than usual

You notice red bumps on your dog’s skin (flea bites)

Your dog appears to have a skin infection (could be caused by scratching the flea bites)

With a little hard yakka it is possible to keep fleas away from your dog or at least under control—which will make life much sweeter for you and your happy hound.

12 Feb 2018 By Leanne Philpott Comments

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