Keeping fleas away from your cat

While summer is beach season and most of us are thinking fun in the sun—for pet owners summertime also sees a frenzy of fleas, so it pays to have a few tricks up your sleeve to keep Felix flea free.

21 Mar 2016 By Leanne Philpott Comments

Fleas are parasites that feed on the blood of their host (your poor, unsuspecting kitty), and while fleas prefer to live on cats rather than humans, they will give you a little bite—this most often occurs around the ankles and feet.

Keeping fleas away from your cat

Like many other things in life, prevention is far better than cure when it comes to fleas. To help foil fleas from taking residence in your cat’s fur we’ve compiled a few tips:


Tip #1 – Keep your cat inside

Fleas generally live outdoors, so cats that venture outside are much more likely to catch fleas. Keeping your cat indoors could drastically increase its chances of staying flea free.


Tip #2 – Treat your cat

No, I don’t mean give your cat a whisker-licking delicacy! Choose one of the flea prevention treatments on the market and apply to your cat to help stop fleas before they strike.

Start doing this a month or so before flea season and re-peat monthly or as instructed on the treatment pack.


Tip #3 – Wash your cat’s bed

Throw your cat’s bedding in the washing machine on a high heat to kill any lurking fleas and eggs. It’s worthwhile washing Mog’s bed more often than usual throughout summer.


Tip #4 – Suck ‘em up

If fleas do manage to get into your home SAS-style, you can bet your bottom dollar there heading for your furniture or taking cover in your carpet. Eww! Think Ghost Busters and bring out the vacuum. You’ll need to get into the crevices, nooks and crannies to suck ‘em all up.


Tip #5 – Get planting

Apparently planting pyrethrum, pennyroyal or mint in your garden can help deter fleas. Alternatively, if you’re particularly worried, you can get a pest controller to treat your outdoor area or you can pick up a DIY flea bomb (Be sure to remove all pets prior to doing this.).


Signs your cat’s got fleas

If infuriating fleas do manage to take up home on your cat some of the telltale signs include:

  • Scratching, itching, biting—particularly around the neck and ears or at the tail end.
  • Your cat’s bed looks like it’s been sprinkled with salt and pepper (If only!). These are flea eggs.
  • You might notice bites around your own feet and ankles.

21 Mar 2016 By Leanne Philpott Comments

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