Caring for your dog in winter

There's so much more to caring for your dog in winter than just the coat! (Although a jacket can look kinda cool!)

18 May 2017 By Zahra Gaitskell Comments

When you leave the house in the morning you'll put on layers and perhaps a scarf, gloves and a hat too... You wouldn't dream of venturing out into the cold without some extra protection, so make sure you apply the same thought and care with your dog!

This might mean equipping your pooch with their very own jacket, especially for walks and if they stay outside during the day. The older and smaller the dog, the more likely they could use some extra support to stay warm. Make sure it's comfortable and well fitting—at best an ill-fitting jacket will irritate your dog, at worse you might come home to find they've destroyed their outfit trying to escape the discomfort, or tangled awkwardly in their attempts to free themselves. Don't worry though; your dog can keep up to date with all the latest fashions with plenty of dogie couture available for a pampered pooch!

The general rule of thumb when it comes to dogs and cold weather is: if it’s chilly enough for you to put a coat on, your dog is best kept indoors.

If you are choosing to leave your dog outside during the day you should at least have some adequate shelter to keep them warm and dry. Whether that means a kennel or a sheltered corner, it’s up to you. Inside or out, make sure that there's a nice warm bed for your dog to keep comfortable, cosy and dry in. This is especially important over night and in the cool mornings, and if your dog sleeps outside over night you might want to consider moving their bed into the laundry or indoors over winter.

During the cooler months your canine companion will need to eat a little more to account for the extra calories burnt trying to stay warm. Increase their food intake according to their size and nutritional needs to ensure they stay healthy. Even though both you and your pet might want to be lazy it's a great idea to get some extra exercise. Getting moving will help keep you both warm and get the blood pumping, preventing weight gain.

Finally just like in summer, there should always be fresh water available for your dog and also make certain you're up to date with their vet visits and flea treatments! It's easy to forget these kinds of things when it's cold and dreary but your furry friend will thank you for keeping their health in check and before you know it, the sun will be out and shining again!

18 May 2017 By Zahra Gaitskell Comments

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