How often should I groom my dog?

We all want to look our best so why would dogs be any different?

25 May 2017 By Andrew Clarke Comments

Grooming your dog helps your canine companion feel refreshed and healthy. Brushing the coat removes loose fur and debris, making their coat shiner and healthier. Grooming is also a pawesome way to bond with your pet!



Bathing is an important part of grooming, it not only cleans the fur but removes excess oil from the skin. Experts recommend giving your dog a bath every month, or more frequently if needed. Remember not to bathe your dog too often as this can lead to a dry coat and skin.

Depending on the size of your furry friend, you can wash your dog in the sink, bath tub or large basin.

Always use warm water when giving your dog a bath. If possible, use a nozzle or shower head to let a continuous stream of warm water run over your companion so they don’t catch a chill.

When bathing your dog, make sure to clean the dog’s backside, under its chin, between the toes, and behind the ears.

Dogs don’t like water in their ears, they find it irritating and sometimes quite traumatic. Doing so might mean they don’t want to be bathed again. If you need to, put some cotton balls in the ear to avoid water entering the ear canal.

Do not use human shampoo on dogs. This might irritate the skin and make their fur dry. Avoid getting soap or shampoo in your dog’s eyes. We don’t like it, so why would they!


It is recommended that you brush your dog’s coat at least once a day. Unlike cats, dogs do not groom themselves and will need your help to ensure that their fur is clean, shiny, and free of tangles.

Longer-haired dogs will need more grooming than short-haired ones, as more dirt and debris can get stuck in their thick coats. To make sure your canine companion is always clean dampen a towel with warm water and use it to wipe them after meals or walks.

Brushing your dog before and after bathing is also important. Before the bath, the brushing session removes dead skin and fallen hair, as well as tangles and knots in the fur.

Professional groomers

Taking your dog to a professional groomer is always an option. A professional groomer has all the right tools to trim long fur without causing discomfort, and can give your dog a snazzy haircut.

At least once a month you can also take your dog to have their ears cleaned and nails filed.

25 May 2017 By Andrew Clarke Comments

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