Bringing cats in at night

There's nothing a cat loves more than to roam the night, but as a responsible pet owner, you need to keep them indoors. Here's why.

18 May 2017 By JimBob Comments

To be a responsible pet owner it’s important to keep your feline friend indoors at night. While you don’t need to do this 24/7 it is vital to have your cat indoors from dusk until dawn. This will be beneficial to both the cat and the community.


What’s wrong with having them outside?

The night can be a dangerous place for a cat wandering on its own. Cat fights with strays can break out which is both noisy for the neighbours and expensive when it comes to patching up your little warrior.

It’s also dangerous for cats to roam the streets at night as it is hard for drivers to see them in the dark; this increases their chances of getting run over.

The other sad reality is that many cat owners will find that their pets are hunting native animals. This is especially essential if you live in areas close to national parks or protected reserves.


The consequences of leaving your cat out at night

Under the Companion Animals Act of 1998 a cat can be considered a “nuisance cat” if it continually makes excessive noise or damages other people’s property.

Your local council can issue nuisance orders on your cat, should a neighbour complain of the behaviour of your pet. The local council will investigate the complaint, and if it is proven that the cat is indeed a bit of a troublemaker, they are authorised to issue penalty notices.

The amount of the fine gradually increases if the cat’s behaviour continues to be complained of. The maximum penalty for a first offense is $330, and $880 for the following offences. Ouch!

So... best keep them indoors

To avoid having your pet branded as a nuisance cat in the community, it’s important to keep your cat indoors at night, when most disturbances occur. It’s also encouraged to have your pet spayed or neutered in order to reduce straying, aggression, anti-social behaviour, and territory-related fighting.

18 May 2017 By JimBob Comments

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