Apartment living with pets: no grass, no problem!

Potty Plant…it might sound like a shrub that’s lost the plot but it’s actually a pretty darn clever subscription-based service

07 Jun 2016 By Leanne Philpott Comments

Potty Plant is designed for pet owners who live in apartments or places where they don't have grass. Simply order your patch of grass and watch your pet pee.

We caught up with the brains behind Potty Plant Julia Sakr, to find out more.

What was the inspiration for Potty Plant?

My then puppy Samoyed 'Barney' was the inspiration behind Potty Plant. We lived in a high-rise apartment block and toilet training him was no walk in the park. There really wasn't anything on the market that Barney would use and that would get rid of pee stench. The smell was so bad it forced me to create Potty Plant.

Is potty plant only for apartment dwellers?

The Potty Plant is perfect for any living arrangement with restricted garden and outdoor access. Apartments, terraces, townhouses etc. House dwelling dog owners can also use it to deter a pup from using the whole backyard as a toilet.

What tips can you offer on getting dogs to do their business on Potty Plant, not the floor!?

Dogs generally know how to use the Potty Plant immediately. It is simple because it smells natural to them.

For dogs that do need a little encouragement, a little bit of their pee can be dabbed on the grass. This will encourage them to remark. If your dog is repeatedly peeing on the floor, ensure your are not using any ammonia based products as these tend to smell like pee to dogs, and encourages them to remark in the wrong spot. Consulting a dog trainer can be hugely beneficial if you are experiencing repeated accidents with adult dogs. There is usually a cause to this that can be corrected with the right training.

Is Potty Plant eco friendly?

The Potty Plant grass is 100% natural and compostable. We deliver our grass in compostable packaging and strive to minimise unnecessary landfill waste.

This is why we take back your Potty Plant if your dog no longer needs it after moving in to a house.

How easy is it to set up Potty Plant?

The Potty Plant Starter Kit comes with everything your pup needs to get started so all you need to do is pop it on your balcony.

How long does Potty Plant last?

This depends on the size and breed of your dog and the number of times he/she is taken out for a walk each day. For example, a full-sized Labrador that gets two walks a day would need a weekly replacement and a Cavoodle that gets two walks daily could get away with a fortnightly replacement. We understand individual cases vary so this is why we make it flexible to change your grass delivery frequency whenever works for you.

What happens when it needs to be changed? What do you do with the grass?

We include a compostable liner with each grass delivery, which is placed under the grass. We also include a pair of gloves so you don't have to touch the dirty grass. When the grass needs to be replaced, the liner is lifted with the grass and is thrown in the general household rubbish or green bin (if you have one)

A clean liner is placed in the Potty Plant under the new grass and it is good to go again.

Julia’s Potty Plant Dos and don’ts


-Place the Potty Plant in one location so not to confuse your dog.

-Praise your dog and reward with treats when he/she uses the Potty Plant

-Place puppy on Potty Plant first thing after a sleep and stay with him/her till they use it. Remember to praise.

-Stay calm and patient with pup, they pick up on your energy. An anxious owner makes an anxious pup.

-Most dogs use the Potty Plant immediately but if your dog needs a little encouragement you can dab some pee on the grass.


-Allow your dog to sleep/eat or sit on the Potty Plant. This will deter them from using it for toilet.

-Allow your dog to dig at the Potty Plant.

It's important you stop them before they develop a habit of doing so. Please contact us if this happens, we have a few tricks up our sleeves.

Animals are naturally attracted to grass so being able to offer your pet a patch of grass, albeit small, is great for their wellbeing. It’s great for you too because no longer will you have to be greeted by the smell of a puppy or dog pad or a litter tray on your return home. Pretty clever eh!

To find out more or visit Potty Plant.

07 Jun 2016 By Leanne Philpott Comments

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