Cleaning up after your dog

Ok, before we get into this, let's all say it together. Poo. Poop. POOOOO. There, now that we have that out of our system, let's continue.

30 Sep 2017 By Andrew Clarke Comments

As a responsible pet owner, you should always clean up after your dog. This is not just a case for good manners but is, in some states, the law. Not to mention it’s kind of gross to just leave lying around.

Here are some facts about the good ol' poop factor.

Dog poo, diseases & danger

  • Dog poop is home to Giardia lambia, an especially nasty protozoan which brings about stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhoea, and bloating. Leaving dog poo around means that people can easily get infected.
  • When dog poo washes away in the waterways it increases algae growth, contaminating the water and effecting natural ecosystems.
  • Just a smidge of dog poop contains millions of bacteria, including E. coli. This bacteria can be potentially fatal to both humans and animals.
  • Dog poop is like a shining beacon for flies, which will feast on the undigested food found in your pet’s poo. Flies are carriers of dangerous bacteria which they can easily transfer to any surface they chose to stop and rest on—including our food!
  • Leaving your dog’s poop on the street or the ground can cause accidents among other pedestrians. Every year, hundreds of people suffer injuries (including sprains and fractured bones) because they have slipped on dog poo. Gross, huh?
  • Dog poop also contains tapeworm eggs, which could be transmitted to humans and animals.

Dog poo is a major health issue, for both your home and community. Under the Dog and Cat Management Act of 1995, it is a pet owner’s responsibility to pick up and dispose of their dog’s faeces from a public place. You can be fined for failing to do so properly.

You can easily clean up after your dog by bringing around small, biodegradable bags. Local council offices typically make these bags available in public areas, such as dog parks.

30 Sep 2017 By Andrew Clarke Comments

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