Without a doubt the first thing you will notice when you see the Sphynx is their lack of a fur coat! The features of a Sphynx are more on display due to their lack of fur and this has lead some people to call them ugly, however with their large, oval eyes and tall ears these cats have a strikingly beautiful appearance. Their long tail and body are slim and pronounced due to their lack of fur and they are graceful and balanced in how they hold themselves. Though they are called hairless, their body is actually covered in a fine and soft hair and their skin is hot, leading them to be affectionately known as the 'suede hot water bottle'.

Country of Origin

The Sphynx can be any colour or pattern.

Urticaria pigmentosa, causing sores on the body
Life Span

13-15 years

The Sphynx is a highly intelligent cat
Suitability (Children)

The Sphynx is a good eater and not fussy, it tends to eat only when hungry and doesn't usually have any weight problems.

Feeding Cost
Hair Shed
Urticaria pigmentosa, causing sores on the body
Grooming Requirements
The Sphynx doesn't require grooming but does need to be bathed to manage their sweat. Sponging down, especially in the skin folds will remove any oil build up and prevent sores.
Hairless cats have been around for a very long time but as far as we know the Sphynx is the first to have been bred to be hairless! This cat was developed in a breeding programme in the 1960s in Canada, originally from a hairless mutant. Hairless cats have been revered by cultures such as the Aztecs in the past.

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