Best of the interpets volume 8

Interpets/internets… see what we did there?

14 Jul 2016 By JimBob Comments

Book ‘em Danno


Let us introduce you to the Horgi… half Husky, half Corgi!


And his cousin the Horsgi


And let’s not forget the ever so awesome Liger


Taco cat backwards is Tacocat


Not happy Jan… and just in case you were wondering this is a real breed called the Selkirk Rex


Hey Zeus are you the son of Dog?


I can haz zombiez?




Kill destroy roarwwwww


No wonder the drain was blocked




It’s not easy being this beautiful



The gangs all here



Plez cans I haz the tunaz?


14 Jul 2016 By JimBob Comments

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