Finding accommodation for you and your pet

It’s always fun to travel with your best friend, but when your best friend is of the feline or canine variety, it can be tough to find accommodation that will accept your furry pal. I know, how rude!

21 Mar 2016 By Kat Pekin Comments

There are many capable and loving pet sitters and shelters that can take care of your pet while you’re on holiday, but who wants to leave their fur-baby at home? After all Felix and Fido deserve a vacay too.

Holidaying with your pets

If a hotel is pet friendly, they are usually very happy to advertise it. Most hotels accept service animals, like seeing-eye dogs, so it’s best to check before booking your room that your pet is able to come along. Do a quick scan over your chosen hotels website to see if they are promoting pet-friendly accommodation, and if so what kind. Some hotels offer a pet accommodation area of their hotel. So your pet is not able to come into your room, but they are placed in a kennel on the hotels premises.

pet-friendly accommodation

Australia is full of pet-friendly hotels in every capital city. Travel websites often have a pre-existing search tag for pet-friendly accommodation, so you are able to easily see the hotels that your pet can stay at with you. A quick email to your hotel of choice will confirm whether or not your pet can accompany you on your vacation. Unfortunately for us cat-people, some hotels are only dog-friendly, so before you finalise your booking, be sure to clarify if your pet is a cat or dog.

dog-friendly hotels

While it might seem frustrating that all hotels don’t accept pets, there are health regulations that must be followed, and other guests’ comfort to consider. You might think your pup waking you up in the middle of the night with a little bark is adorable – doubtful that the honeymooning couple across the hall or the woman enjoying a relaxing weekend alone next door will find those barks as precious as you do.

Camping with pets

As well as hotels, there are caravan parks and bed and breakfasts around Australia that are pet friendly. This of course may bring a new range of issues as your pet can be bothered by the close proximity of strange pets and visitors. Be sure to keep your dog on a leash while outside to avoid any nasty confrontations.

Dog-friendly holiday accommodation

If you’re having trouble finding somewhere to holiday with your pet, you can ask your local vet or pet store if they know of any pet-friendly accommodation in your chosen area. They may be able to name a few puurfect holiday spots for you and your furry pal to relax.


Have you taken your pet on a holiday? Got any top pet-friendly destination tips?






21 Mar 2016 By Kat Pekin Comments

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