Top 10 cats for kids

Cats and children go together like cheese and crackers: cats love attention, kids love fussing and playing with animals. Yet, when looking for the best cat for kids, it’s worth considering how easy going and sociable the kitty is and how tolerant it is of loud noises and constant handling.

14 Jan 2015 By Leanne Philpott Comments

Looking for the puurfect pussycat for your kids? Look no further than our list of the ‘Top 10 cats for kids’.



Burmese cats are athletic and elegant looking and come in a range of colours. But it’s not the colour of its fur that the kids will love, it’s the fact Burmese cats are curious and outgoing.

Burmese are super sociable and don’t like to be left out, they need company, which is why people often have two—especially if they work during the day.

When it comes to kids, Burmese are a great choice because they are gentle yet alert and the constant petting from the kids will satisfy its need for engagement.

So if you’re looking for a kitty that’s playful and energetic, a Burmese might be just the ticket.


Australian Mist

If you want a true blue, Aussie kitty, then why not choose the Australian Mist? This intelligent and friendly cat is super duper affectionate and said to be ideal for families and the elderly. The perfect pet for when Nan pays you a visit!

Australian Mist’s hair is short and dense but beautifully soft, just like a Burmese. They don’t require any special grooming, and are not fussy eaters, making them a fairly low maintenance choice.



The kings (or queens) of fluff, Persian cats have long coats of hair, making them very soft and cuddly. But beware; this glorious coat requires extra grooming effort, so not the best choice of cat for the time-poor.

On the plus side, Persians are placid and affectionate. Their gentle nature means they get on well with kids and other pets.

While Persians are not hugely playful, they do like to be stroked and patted and will happily sit on your lap.



Birman cats have lovely long hair, making them super soft and fluffy. They are gentle natured, loyal and loving and unlike some cats, which can get grumpy as they age—the Birman generally remains fairly playful as it enters adulthood, giving the kids many years of feline fun and frolics!


British Shorthair

This popular breed of cat is a real homebody; it loves snoozing and lounging around the house and embraces family life with open, well, paws!

As far as its temperament goes, it’s docile, tolerant and quiet. It’s happy to be left alone but it also loves kids and gets on well with other pets, like dogs.


Maine Coon

Maine Coons are fairly large cats, with males commonly weighing 6­­–9kg and females 4­­–6kg. They have long coats and a bushy tail but are easily to groom and only require 5-10 minutes of brushing and combing once a week.

Perhaps it’s the Maine Coon’s loving nature and friendliness that makes them ideal cats for kids. They’re also known to be intelligent and can be easily trained to walk on a leash.

As well as getting on well with kids, Maine Coons get on well with dogs and other pets.


Exotic Shorthair

If you like the look and temperament of the Persian, but you’re a little put off by the rigorous grooming regime, then the Exotic Shorthair cat is most certainly the next best cat for your kids.

It looks very much like a Persian cat but its fur is short and thick and requires less grooming attention.

The Exotic shorthair is also outgoing, sociable and easy going—similar to the Persian—and equally as cuddly. They love playing with people, particularly fun-loving kids.



Burmillas are beautiful-looking cats with an equally loveable personality. If you want an outgoing, friendly and sociable kitty that is great with kids—you can’t look past a Burmilla.

These quiet adventurers love human companionship and are adept at playing gently with kids. They team bursts of energy with lazy lie-ins and because their hair is not too long, they’re a low-maintenance mog—only needing a weekly brush.



Another long-haired breed of feline, the ragdoll is renowned for its relaxed nature. In fact, they flop just like a rag doll when picked up—hence the name!

Ragdoll cats are smart, calm and cruisy; they love spending time with people, which is why they’re suited to kids and family life.



One of the Manx’s trademark traits is its itsy bitsy tail (or often it has no tail at all). Similar in appearance to the British Shorthair, Manx cats have short hair so require low-level grooming.

Manx are gentle natured cats that are also affectionate and love a cuddle. They’re great cats for kids because of their calm and composed personality. They adapt well to busy family life and will also get on with other pets.


A final word on choosing the best cat for kids:

If you’re buying a cat or kitten from a breeder, try looking for one that breeds the cats at home, around children. This way you know the kitten is already used to having a family and kids around them.

Taking your kids with you to help choose the cat can be useful. Watch and see how the cat responds to your kids. See if the cat is hesitant to approach. If it’s relaxed, shows signs of affection and purrs, it’s a positive sign.

14 Jan 2015 By Leanne Philpott Comments

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